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Axxess User Community Guidelines

1. Give more than you take. This is a community designed to help Axxess users learn, share and grow.


2. Be kind and respectful in your conversations. Different users have different opinions but disagree with grace and class. Name calling and bullying is not tolerated.


3. This is a forum to discuss care at home, from a broad look at industry trends and updates to specific questions about Axxess’ suite of solutions. Posts and comments should stay on topic.


4. While much of the care provided is reimbursed by Medicare, which reflects the budget allocations of any given Presidential administration, this will be a politics-free zone.


5. While many participants are healthcare professionals, this isn’t the place to share medical concerns about your patients. Medical advice will be deleted.


6. Being part of this forum requires mutual trust. We welcome authentic, expressive discussions. What’s shared in this forum should stay in this forum


7. We welcome people to connect, but we try to stay relevant with posts and recruitment should be advertised in job placement sites, not here.


8. If you have a time-sensitive need or urgent question, please log your concern in the Support Ticketing Center.