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System Setup



As a new agency to the Axxess HomeCare product, the first order of business is to set up your agency preferences in Manage Company Information.  To do this, go to the Admin tab and choose Manage Company Information.


You will be asked to enter your electronic signature before entering the Manage Company Information page. Your signature is initially set to the password you created to access the application.  Once validated, Axxess HomeCare will take you into the agency set up.


It is advised during your initial set up to complete the tabs sequentially as several of the tabs are dependent of one another.




This tab pulls information from the signed agreement. You will want to review and verify accuracy prior to your agency utilizing Axxess HomeCare.


Required fields for the Company Information section are company name and tax ID. You will also want to input a dedicated Contact Person for your agency.




You will be asked to input Location details. This section allows you to input multiple location physical addresses, state, 9 digit zip, phone, time zone, NPI, and Medicaid number (if applicable). 


Note:  Claim generation uses Location information.





Subscription Plan

The Subscription Plan tab displays your agency’s current subscription plan and allows you to request upgrades.


We recommend reaching out to your sales representative when your needs change as any promotional items/discounts may not otherwise be applied to your changes.


Subscription Plan




The Billing tab provides your agency the ability to customize several billing items in the system.





Payroll Policy

This tab provides the ability to enter company payroll information and details.  Payroll cannot be generated until this information is set up.


Company Mileage Time Reimbursement: Gives you the ability to indicate company mileage rate.  Mileage must be documented in the task (visit/shift) to be eligible for pay.


Company Travel Time Reimbursement:  Allows you to indicate company travel time rate.  Travel time must be documented in the task (visit/shift) to be eligible for pay.


Pay Periods:  Axxess HomeCare uses information from this section to assist in calculating pay periods for your agency.


Agency Shift Length: Enter the three base shifts used by your agency. These shifts will help in scheduling, assigning pay rates, and setting up the available times of your employees. Bear in mind that the shifts cannot overlap.


Payroll Policy


The next section in the Payroll Policy is Maximum Time / Overtime Defaults. This area allows you to set maximum and overtime defaults at the company level.  These may be individualized at the employee level.  This information provides notification to the scheduler. Please note that Axxess does not currently calculate overtime.


Selection Options:


None: You do not wish to track the item.


Warning:  Provides a warning message to the scheduler when attempting to schedule beyond the limit set. The scheduler has the option to ignore the warning and schedule the designated clinician past the limit.


Error & Stop Scheduling: The scheduler is presented with a hard stop message when attempting to schedule a clinician beyond the indicated limit.  The scheduler has two options: schedule as unassigned or navigate back to the scheduling screen to select another clinician.


Maximum Daily Limit:  Sets a daily work limit for your employees.


Maximum Weekly Limit:  Sets a weekly work limit for your employees.


Time and a Half Daily Limit: If your agency’s policy is to pay overtime if an employee works over a certain number of hours on a day, enter the total number of hours they may work. Example: 8 hour day and allow 4 hours overtime enter 12.


Time and a Half Weekly Limit:  Sets the point at which schedulers are notified the employee they are trying to schedule has reached time and a half hours. Example: 40 hour week and allow 10 hours OT enter 50.


Double Time Daily/Weekly Limits: Operates in the same manner as time and a half.


Maximum Time



License & Compliance

Axxess HomeCare provides a comprehensive list of compliance and license tracking items that apply to a wide range of agencies. You can customize your agency’s list by deleting/adding items.


To remove an item from your agency tracking list, select Delete from the action column on the right. You will receive a prompt confirming you wish to delete the item. Once you have deleted all the items you wish, select Save changes to apply the inactivation. Click Cancel changes if you wish to disregard edits made.




To add a tracking item select Add new Type of License/Compliance. Once selected, you can indicate the category of the item and types in the tracking item in the text box.  Once you have added the desired items, select Save changes to save the additional items to the list. Click Cancel changes if you wish to disregard edits made.






Authorization tracking only applies to payment sources that the agency sets up to require authorization tracking.




Moving along in the Scheduling tab is the Matching Criteria. This section gives you the ability to create a list of items to match caregivers to clients.  Items flagged as yes pull to each client/employee’s matching criteria page and are available for selection.  During the scheduling process the scheduler may select to use the matching feature to view caregivers that have the qualifications/skills and traits the client needs/desires.


All active agency license/compliance items pull to the matching list by default.  Items may be activated/inactivated by using the Yes/No toggle on the right.


Matching Criteria


Custom Criteria items can only be edited or deleted.  They cannot be inactivated as they are presumed to be active when the agency added them to the list.


Matching Criteria


Add Custom CriteriaTo add a custom criteria:


Add Custom Criteria



Daily Living Tasks

The Daily Living Task page contains a list of paraprofessional level tasks.  It is organized by category and offers customization through adding/deleting/changing task/verbiage and reordering.  The daily living task list is linked to two system document types: Custom Care Plan and Custom Visit Note.


Custom Care Plan (Document Type):  Case Managers select the tasks the caregiver needs to complete for the client.  There is an option to select if the task is completed on all shifts (if multiple during a day) or only for a particular time-frame.  The tasks selected on the care plan are the only tasks that display for the caregiver when they open their custom visit document that is associated to the care plan.


Custom Visit Note (Document Type): Displays only the tasks requiring action for the visit/shift the caregiver is on.


Manage Company Information


To view tasks associated to a category click on the + (plus) sign.  Use the arrows on the right to rearrange tasks within a category.


Add New Category


You may add a new task to the category by selecting the Add new Task button.  This opens an inline text field to enter the task name and any instructions.  You MUST select Save changes to apply the changes to the list.



Select Add new Category to add another grouping to the care plan list.  The functionality works in the same manner as the Add new Task.  Once the category is added select Save changes and then you can add individual tasks that relate to it.



Document Management

Document Management allows you to manage task types that your agency will be scheduling/completing.  When you create a task you will create a name, assign a discipline and associate an existing document type to the task. The category notes include: assessments/notes/orders/coordination of care/supervisory/pay only.  Once the task is created it will be available for scheduling and completion.


Document Management


Custom NoteTo activate a document select New and enter a name for the task, description, discipline and select document type that will be associated to the task. The name entered will be the name displayed in the schedule center and other areas within Axxess HomeCare.


Custom NoteThe lower portion of the setup includes billable and/or payable options as well as a variety of addendums that may be added to the document.  This information helps customize each note further based on the type and what is needed. A document type may be used as many times as needed.


Managed Company InformationThe Custom Note and Custom Care Plan (explained in the Daily Living Tasks section above) document types are required when using the Daily Tasks and Visit Care Plan relationship below.


Other actions included in this section include the ability to edit document details (addendums, etc.) as well as the ability to inactivate/activate documents as needed.





Visit Care Plan Relationships

This section is where your agency associates custom care plans to custom note types. You must complete the Daily Living Tasks and Document Manager set up first.


You have the option to tie care plans to one or more visit notes using the visit care plan relationships. This feature is only available for documents associated to the Custom Care Plan and Custom Visit Notes established in the Document Management section above. This is a benefit when you have one particular care plan that you would want to tie to different Custom Visit Notes. Example: Non-Skilled Plan of Care….tied to Homemaker note, HHA note, CNA note.


Visit-Care Plan Relationships


New Visit



Pay Rates

The Pay Rates section allows you to set agency default task pay rates. Documents must be established.


Pay Rates


To add a pay rate select New and choose a task from the drop-down list of tasks you previously created in Document Manager. Fill in the Rate, rate Type (Visit/Hour/Day/15 Min) and Effective Date.


To create agency rates keep the employee/payment source and client at the default All setting.


New Pay Rates

Next select the Shifts and Days in which the rate will applied. The final function is to indicate if differing mileage or travel time rates apply for the given task.


Pay Rates

Pay Rates may be established at your agency and/or employee level.  The highest rate specification is by task/employee/payment source/client. In other words, a pay rate for a specific employee providing a specific task (shift) for a specific client associated to a specific payment source.



Payroll Holidays

Here you can customize the list of holidays that your agency will be observing as well as provide the ability to indicate the pay structure. You may also load holidays from the Default Holiday tab. Select the holiday, indicate the shifts/time affected and set the pay rate for the holiday.


Payroll Holidays


Create Payroll Holiday



Emergency Triage Levels

If your agency provides Skilled Services, you are required to add Emergency Triage Levels into Axxess HomeCare. The list may be custom created or you have the option to load Axxess’ default levels, which may then be fully edited.  The list created will be available for selection during the intake process.


Emergency Triage Levels


Emergency Triage Levels


Edit Triage Level



Services Required

Customize the types of services your agency provides on both a Medical and Non-Medical level. The list created will be present during the intake process.

Services may be created by clicking the New button and entering in the service and description or you can load and modify the Default Services under the Actions column choosing Edit based on the services the agency provides.


Services Required



Durable Medical Equipment

If your agency is providing Skilled Services, you will need to create a Durable Medical Equipment list that will be available to during the intake process. The list may be custom created using the New button or you can load the default list using the Add Default DMEs button and editing as needed.


Durable Medical Equipement