OASIS-D1 Follow-Up Case-Mix Analysis

Axxess Home Health now generates case-mix analyses for OASIS-D1 Follow-Up assessments, so users can evaluate Home Health Resource Group (HHRG) data throughout the entirety of each episode. This functionality facilitates continued compliance and helps agencies achieve optimal outcomes under PDGM.

When a patient’s condition significantly changes within the first 30 days of an episode, the case-mix analysis for the second 30 days may be different than the previous assessment. Case-mix analyses for OASIS-D1 Follow-Up assessments enable agencies to thoroughly examine HHRG data, including possible LUPA level changes and expected payment changes between the first and second 30-day payment periods.

To access the case-mix analysis for an OASIS-D1 Follow-Up assessment, click the dollar sign symbol next to the completed assessment in the patient’s chart, Schedule Center or QA Center. To access case-mix analyses, users must have permission to view HHRG calculations in the Billing section of permissions.

For additional information on PDGM case-mix analyses and interpreting HHRG data, click here.

Updated on 06/11/2020