Axxess Certification Mobile FAQs

How do I log in?

Tap Axxess Identity and use your Axxess Identity to log in.

Where is the main site navigation and what can I access from it?

The main navigation is located in the top-right corner, and you can tap to open it. From there you can access:

  • Home
  • Axxess Planner
  • My Learning: My Courses, Completed and Learner Reports
  • Browse Learning: Learning Paths and Courses
  • Events & Webinars: On-Demand Training
  • Help: User Community, Help Center, Support Ticketing Center, FAQs, Learn More, Contact Us and On-Demand Training

What reports are available and where can I view them?

Learner reports are available from the main navigation menu, under My Learning. The Learner Reports dashboard displays a learner’s activity in courses and activities. The data can be filtered by courses, modules, etc.

Where can I go if I need help?

You can find helpful information on a variety of topics and issues in the Help section of the main navigation. If you need to contact us directly, tap on Contact Us.

How can I search the site?

To search the site, tap the magnifying glass icon next to My Account. In landscape view, a search box will open next to the icon. In portrait view, you will go to Global search. You can filter your search by courses or activities.

Where is the My Account menu and what can I access from it?

The My Account menu is located next to the main navigation and alongside the user’s profile pic. The menu includes:

  • Profile
  • User Community
  • Log Out
  • Switch Role (if the user has permissions to do so)

Where do I view my earned badges and all available badges?

Your earned badges, as well as all available badges, can be viewed in the Badges block on the dashboard.

What resources are available in the Resources block on the Dashboard?

From the Resources block, you can access the Axxess User Community, discover new Product Updates and view Upcoming Events.

Where are my assigned and completed courses listed?

Your assigned courses can be viewed in Assigned Courses on the dashboard. Courses are listed by product, with the most recently accessed course listed first under the product name. At a glance, you can view your progress in a course using the progress bar shown on each course card. The completed courses can be viewed in Completed Courses.

Where in a course can I view my progress toward completing the course?

When in a course, you can view your progress at a glance using the progress bar on the course banner.

How do I know if I have completed an activity in a course?

A completed activity will have a filled-in checkbox next to the name, whereas an incomplete activity will have an empty checkbox.

Where can I find resources in a course, such as the course agenda?

Resources such as the course’s agenda can be found in the Resources block in the course.

Where can I view ANCC Continuing Education information?

ANCC Continuing Education (CE) information can be viewed in a course that is included in the ANCC Continuing Education program.

Which courses will award CE credits? What do I need to do to receive my CE Certificates?

The following courses will award CE credits:

  1. Home Health Clinical Fundamental Track
  2. Home Health Clinical Intermediate Track
  3. Hospice Clinical Fundamental Track
  4. Hospice Clinical Advanced Track
  5. Hospice Operational Fundamental Track
  6. Hospice Financial Billing Fundamental Track
  7. Hospice Financial Billing Advanced Track
  8. Home Care Clinical Non-Medical Fundamental Track
  9. Home Care Clinical Medical Fundamental Track

To receive your CE credits, you will need to:

  1. Complete the pre-test assessment
  2. Read and understand the resources provided
  3. Review the video
  4. Pass the post-test with a minimum score of 80%
  5. Complete the post activity evaluation form

Is there a badge awarded for each learning track?

No, each track is not awarded a badge. The following tracks are the only individual tracks that will receive a badge: Home Health Clinical Fundamental and Hospice Clinical Fundamental.

Is there a difference between a badge and a certification level?

No, badges denote the certification levels that have been achieved.

How do I receive a badge?

A badge is awarded to individuals based on different requirements. The current badges in the Axxess Certification Program include:

Axxess Certification Badges Tracks Required to Receive the Badge
Home Care Clinical Fundamental Certification Home Care Clinical Medical Fundamental
Home Care Caregiver Certification Home Care Clinical Non-Medical Fundamental
Home Care Clinical Certification Home Care Clinical Medical Fundamental
Home Care Clinical Medical Advanced
Home Care Non-Medical Certification Home Care Clinical Non-Medical Fundamental
Home Care Clinical Non-Medical Advanced
Home Care Financial Certification Home Care Financial Billing Fundamental
Home Care Financial Billing Advanced
Home Care Operational Certification Home Care Operational Fundamental
Home Care Operational Advanced
Home Health Clinical Fundamental Certification Home Health Clinical Fundamental
Home Health Clinical Certification Home Health Clinical Fundamental
Home Health Clinical Intermediate
Home Health Financial Certification Home Health Financial Fundamental
Home Health Financial Intermediate
Home Health Operational Certification Home Health Operational Fundamental
Home Health Operational Intermediate
Hospice Clinical Fundamental Certification Hospice Clinical Fundamental
Hospice Clinical Certification Hospice Clinical Fundamental
Hospice Clinical Advanced
Hospice Financial Certification Hospice Financial Billing Fundamental
Hospice Financial Billing Advanced

Where can I see a visual representation of how users receive their badges?

Click on this link for a visual demonstration of the badge flow.

I just completed my course. Why can I not see my badge right away?

You should see your badge populate in the Badges block of the dashboard within 24 hours of completing the necessary requirements for that badge.

Can I download my badges?

Yes, the badges are available for download. You can click on the badge you would like, and it will direct you to a page to download your badge as a .png image file.

I finished the track that I was working on, but my progress is only at 80%. What did I do wrong?

To receive 100% in your progress bar, all the checkboxes to the right of the modules must be checked off. If you see that they are checked off but are still having issues, please create a ticket following the instructions shown in this document: Axxess Certification: Creating a Ticket.

After completing all the Home Health Fundamental courses, I only received a badge for Home Health Clinical Fundamental certification. Am I supposed to receive a badge for Operational and Financial?

You will only receive a badge for the Home Health Clinical Fundamental track. Once you complete the Intermediate level courses, you will receive a badge for Operational, Financial and Clinical. This will be the case for the other products as well.  

I attempted to log in, but I am receiving the error “This account is pending email confirmation.” I do not understand because I have already logged in and started my courses. What is the issue?

If you receive that message, you may be using the wrong credentials. You must log in through Axxess Identity using your Axxess email address. If you cannot log in using your credentials, or if you have forgotten your password, please create a ticket. See Axxess Certification: Creating a Ticket.

I cannot seem to move on to the next module after completing my quiz. What should I do?

If you are experiencing any functionality issues, please create a ticket and the team will explore the issue. See Axxess Certification: Creating a Ticket.