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Face-to-Face Encounter

Physician Face-to-Face EncounterYou can add a Face-to-Face Encounter to a patient’s schedule by going to the Create tab and toggling over New and choosing Physician Face-to-Face Encounter.


You will be taken to the Physician Face-to-Face Encounter request form. Complete the form.

Physician Face-to-Face Encounter



60-day Summary

Schedule CenterA 60-day summary has to be scheduled first in order for it to be completed. To schedule a 60-day summary, you must have scheduling permission. Go to Schedule and select Schedule Center.


Select your patient and click on desired schedule date.


Schedule Center


Click the drop-down arrow for Select Task under the Nursing schedule tab.

Schedule Center


Select assigned user from drop down list, by clicking on the name of user. Click Save to schedule selected tasks.

Schedule Center


Your 60-day summary is now scheduled for that patient you chose and the assigned user.

Schedule Center