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IDG Meeting Updates

Axxess Hospice now enables users to enter the start date and start time, as well as the end date and end time for IDG meetings, and deactivate IDG meeting schedules. These enhancements help organizations streamline operations and stay compliant with the required regulatory time frames for IDG meetings.

IDG Meeting Start Date and Time

Once Start Meeting is selected, users will see Meeting Start Date and Meeting Start Time fields.

The meeting start date and start time entered in these fields will be used on the IDG agenda for attendance. The start date must be a date that occurs after the previous meeting and cannot be a date in the future.

IDG Meeting End Date and Time

Once all patients in the IDG meeting have been marked as reviewed and End Meeting is selected, users will see Meeting End Date and Meeting End Time fields.

Enter a date and time in the Meeting End Date and Meeting End Time fields, and click End Meeting to finish ending the meeting.

The meeting end time cannot be prior to the meeting start time. When this occurs, users will receive a message indicating the dates must be corrected.

Once the end date is selected and the meeting has ended, subsequent IDG meetings will use the selected end time for meeting time frames.

Deactivate IDG Meeting Schedules

To deactivate an IDG meeting schedule, navigate to the Centers tab and select Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) Center. On the IDG Center screen, select Edit Team and navigate to the Meeting Schedule section. Click the ellipsis icon under Actions and select Deactivate.

Centers tab ➜ Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) Center ➜ Edit Team ➜ Meeting Schedule section ➜ Actions ➜ ➜ Deactivate

Once Deactivate is selected, the meeting schedule will move to the Inactive tab in the Meeting Schedule section.

Updated on 09/22/2022