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Billing Overview


The Billing tab includes the following menu items:



Billing Dashboard

The Billing Dashboard includes the following six tiles that display information that is important to a biller’s daily operations:


Electronic Fund Transfers (This Week & Future) – Displays the amount of paid and projected payments in a bar graph. Hover over any bar on the graph to view the exact payment.



Claims Ready for Billing – Displays the number of NOE, NOE – Transfer, NOTR, and total claims. Users can click any of the hyperlinks to view a list of claims in that category.



Bill Holds – Displays the number of bills being held because of outstanding orders, incomplete visits, sequential billing, and Plans of Care.



Claim Count Summary – Displays the number of Paid, Pending Payment, Pending, Returned, Rejected, and Denied claims in a pie graph.



Patient Census by Level of Care – Displays the number of patients by level of care and the number of overnight changes.



Eligibility Issues – Displays the number of MSP Patients, Overlapping Hospice, and Overlapping Home Health patients that are causing eligibility issues.



Click Claims to view a list of the following information:


Claims are ready in the software once each column has the green Ready check mark. To verify a Claim, select the Verify hyperlink under Actions. Confirm that the following information is signed, dated, and available as an attachment:



When a claim is being verified, the Action message says Verification In Progress.


Once all information is confirmed/entered, select the Verify button.


Claims History

Click Claims History under the Billing tab to view a list of the following information:


Find specific patients on the left side of the page with the following filters:


After the patient has been selected, view the NOE, NOTR or Claim by selecting the hyperlink on the left side. Create a New NOE, NOTR or Claims by selecting the plus icon at the top of the page.


Edit, Print or Delete billing items by selecting the corresponding icons on the far-right underneath Actions. To go directly to the Patient Chart, select the View Patient Chart hyperlink in the top right.


Notice of Election (NOE)

Click Notice of Election (NOE) under the Billing tab to view a list of the following information:


Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR)

Click Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR) under the Billing tab to view a list of the following information: