IDG Summary/Comprehensive Assessment

The IDG Summary/Comprehensive Assessment Update enables Progress Toward Goals to be written from a myriad of different team members.

Some changes made in the patient chart will automatically flow to the IDG Summary/Comprehensive Assessment, so the IDG team can review changes during IDG meetings. These include:

  • Visits in the last 30 days
  • Medication Changes
  • Changes from Orders

IDG Summary/Comprehensive Assessment Update

At the top of the IDG Summary/Comprehensive Assessment, blue buttons provide easy access to other parts of the patient’s chart before and after the IDG meeting. These buttons enable users to preserve work in the IDG note while viewing the Patient’s Medication Profile and Plan of Care.


Scales and measurements automatically populate from the most recent visit. This data enables the IDG team to easily see the status during the meeting.

  • The PPS/KPS, MAC/Arm, Height, Weight, BMI, NYHA, and FAST scores flow from the Vital Signs/Additional Measurements sections of the nursing visit notes.
  • The Braden and Fall scores come from the Integumentary and Functional sections of the nursing visit notes.
  • The Pain score shows the patient’s most recent pain score from the verbal or non-verbal scale, and the score for the patient’s worst pain since the last skilled nurse visit.

Updates/Progress Toward Goals

Updates and progress toward goals are available to write out an update for different disciplines.

Users can select disciplines here to add notes manually.

IDG Discussion

In the IDG Discussion section, users can document discussion during the IDG meeting. Any user who has joined the meeting can document in this section. Users can check Patient and/or Family/Caregiver to document their involvement in developing the Plan of Care as needed.

Care Coordination

Care coordination between the hospice IDG, attending physician, and nursing care/residential facilities can be documented in the Care Coordination section.