COVID-19 Vaccinations Report

Axxess Home Health now provides a COVID-19 Vaccinations Report that consolidates and displays COVID-19 vaccination statuses for active patients. Users can generate this report to track and monitor infection control procedures and easily identify upcoming vaccination due dates.

By providing complete visibility into patients’ COVID-19 vaccination statuses, this report promotes safety, improves patient outcomes and facilitates compliance with state requirements.

Generate the COVID-19 Vaccinations Report

To generate the COVID-19 Vaccinations Report, navigate to the Report Center under the Reports tab. In the Patient Reports section, select COVID-19 Vaccinations Report.

Reports tab ➜ Report Center ➜ Patient Reports ➜ COVID-19 Vaccinations Report

Enter the parameters at the top of the report screen and click Request Report to generate the report. The system will alert you when the report has finished generating.

The report can be filtered by branch, effective date, vaccination status and payer. The report defaults to all branches. The effective date defaults to the current date and is grayed out to ensure information is provided in real time.

When the report has finished generating, navigate to Completed Reports under the Reports tab and click the report name. The report will download in an Excel file.

Reports tab ➜ Completed Reports

The following tabs appear in the report:

Cumulative Patient Summary


Patient Summary


Patient Not Vaccinated


COVID-19 Vaccinations Report: Summary

The following data appears on the Patient Summary tab when Summary is selected from the Report Type menu:

Patient Name




Lot Number


Single Dose Received


First Dose Received


Second Dose Received


Fully Immunized


COVID-19 Vaccinations Report: Detailed

Additional data (as required by some states) displays when Detail is selected from the Report Type menu:

Insurance/Payer Number


Date of Birth










The Cumulative Patient Summary tab displays aggregate data based on the COVID-19 vaccination status of all active patients in the organization as of the effective date.

Patients that do not have an immunization logged for COVID-19 single, first or second dosage are not counted and will flow to the Patients Not Vaccinated tab of the report.

Data in the COVID-19 Vaccinations Report is based on information entered in patients’ immunization profiles. Users can document patients’ immunizations from patient visit notes, assessments and patient charts.

COVID-19, Single Dose


COVID-19, First Dose


COVID-19, Second Dose


Updated on 06/30/2021