Applying for Visits

How do I apply for a visit?

You may apply for visits once your background has cleared, your license has been added and verified, and your deposit information entered. Just log in, go to Visits from the home screen, tap on a posted visit you are interested in and tap apply. Once you tap apply, the facility will receive a notification that someone has applied for the visit.

When I go to view available visits, there are no visits found. Is there a way I can expand my search?

Axxess CARE will search available visits based on your preferences and the competencies you have selected. If there are no visits found or very few visits listed, check your filter settings for required pay range and visit distance to ensure they are not too restrictive. You will also want to review your nursing competencies and make sure you have selected all that apply. You may access your filters directly from the Visits screen. Tap on the Filters button located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. 

How can I see the visits I have applied for?

You can utilize the visit filter search to only view visits that you have applied for by clicking Filters located at the bottom of your screen and then click Applied. You may also go to the upper left-hand corner of your screen and open the sidebar. From there, select Applied Visits. 

Can an organization directly send me a visit link? 

Organizations cannot directly send visits to a specific professional. The organization name is listed under the visit posting so you can easily spot the organization you have worked with previously.

How many visits can I apply for in a day?

There is no current limit to how many visits you may apply for in a single day.

Can the organization I am applying to see other organization I am applying to? 

No, an organization will not be able to see other organization where you have submitted your application. 

How will I know if I have been assigned a visit?

Once an organization assigns you a visit, you will receive a push notification and an Axxess CARE message on your device that you have been assigned a new visit. At that time, you will need to accept or decline the visit within the allotted time. 

When an organization assigns me a visit, will this make me their employee? 

No. When you apply for visits through the Axxess CARE app, you will be doing so as an independent contractor.

Can I apply for visits listed by an organization I am employed with? 

There are no restrictions on applying for visits if you are already an employee. However, due to the payment structure, you may want to consult with your organization. 

Can I withdraw my application after I have applied?

Yes, you can withdraw your application before you have been assigned by the organization. Navigate to the upper left-hand corner of your screen to open the sidebar and click Applied Visits. Select your visit and then select Withdraw Application. This will remove your application and the visit posting will return to visits in your area. 

What if I’ve already been assigned a visit, can I still withdraw my application?

If you have been assigned a visit that you are unable to complete, you must return that visit to the organization. From the home page, tap Schedule, then tap the visit you want to return, and tap Return, located in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to select a return reason, agree to the Terms of Cancellation, and sign the returned visit. The organization will be notified so they can repost the visit, if needed. The best practice would be to call the organization in addition to returning the visit. 

How long do I have to return a visit once I’ve been assigned?

You may return an assigned visit until the scheduled date of the visit. Once the scheduled date has arrived, it will be considered a missed visit. It is very important to communicate with the organization in a timely manner if you need to cancel an assignment so the organization may assign someone else. 

Can I reapply to a visit if I have withdrawn my application?

Once you withdraw your application, the visit will return to the Visits page. You can reapply if the visit is available. 

Can an organization unassign me from a visit once I’ve accepted the assignment? 

Yes, organizations can unassign you from a visit if it needs to be rescheduled, the patient has refused, the patient has been hospitalized or other reasons. If you have been unassigned, you will receive a notification.