HomeCare Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)


This tutorial will provide training on our Mobile Electronic Visit Verification Application. (EVV)


Begin by downloading the Axxess HomeCare App from your Device App Store.  Axxess HomeCare EVV App is available for both iOS and Android Devices.


Log in with the same email and password as the Axxess HomeCare Web Solution.


After logging in, you will be prompted to enter a PIN code. To set your PIN code the first time, you will enter 4 digits twice.


The PIN code provides an extra layer of security that ensures data remains private and HIPAA compliant. Anytime you navigate out of the Axxess HomeCare app you will be prompted to enter your PIN code to log back in.


Scheduled visits will be listed in the Schedule page of the App.  The list defaults to Upcoming which is the user’s current and future schedule. Current visits may be opened to view details and start/complete the EVV process by clicking on the task and selecting Start Task Verification.



Start Task Verification: Location Services must be enabled and you must be within 50 meters of the Client Home to begin the Visit Verification.  Once you Start the Task Verification the task screen will display.


  • The visit time may be adjusted as needed and any Mileage and surcharge may be added.
  • Return to this screen at the end of the visit to collect the Client signature and complete the visit verification.
  • If you exit out of the screen during the visit the house displayed in the schedule will be a yellow color to show the visit is in progress.
  • You can also Cancel the Task Verification if you started a shift incorrectly.


If you log out of the app during the visit:

  • Select the task (it should have a yellow house) and click Resume Verification.


Completing the Visit Verification:

  • At the end of the visit select Collect Client Signature


  • This provides the ability for the user to select between two options:
    • Get Client Signature
    • Select Unable to Sign Reason


  • Get Client Signature: Provides ability for the Client to Sign on the device with their finger verifying they provided care at that visit.


  • Unable to Sign and Reason:
    • Indicate the reason why the client is unable to sign.
    • If possible, obtain an authorized client’s Caregiver’s signature.
    • Agency staff signs


GPS Tracking

The GPS 50-meter tracking occurs at both the start and end of the shift. If you are out of range a notification will display that you are not at the client home.


Other Schedule Lists:

  • Past Due: Lists any past due visits and provides the ability to start the visit verification process if the visit date had changed and was not updated by the office.


  • Completed: Displays a list of completed visits. Details may be viewed by selecting the task.


The Filter Option provides the ability to filter tasks by Client, date range, EVV status as well as the ability to sort the list by client, EVV Status or date range.


Selecting the Menu icon provides the ability to navigate to the schedule, switch agency (if the user has access to more than one), help guide as well as the option to log out.


Axxess HomeCare Web Application


Navigate to a client chart to view EVV information for a particular task.



Client-Client Center-Select the Client


  • Electronic Visit Verification:
    • A house icon provides notification that EVV has occurred for the task. A yellow house indicates the employee has Clocked In, and a Green House indicates the employee has Clocked Out and Obtained the applicable Signature/s.
    • Clicking on the house provides EVV details.