Patient Voice Recording

Axxess Home Health now enables users to verify service delivery through an audio recording of the patient’s voice when a patient signature cannot be obtained.

The patient voice recording feature provides an audit trail to validate that the caregiver provided services and facilitates compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act in states where voice recording is an accepted method of verifying care delivery.

In the Axxess Home Health mobile application, users can collect a patient voice recording after selecting Patient Unable to Sign. When a patient is unable to provide a signature to verify services, click Patient Unable to Sign and select the reason that a patient signature cannot be obtained.

After specifying a reason, select Collect Patient Voice Recording to capture an audio voice recording of the patient.

Select Start Recording and instruct the patient to state his or her name and the date of service.

Select Stop Recording to end the recording once the patient has stated his or her name and the date of service. The recording will stop automatically if not ended before 30 seconds.

Click Play to play the recording. Select Replace to re-record or Submit to submit the recording. Once submitted, the Patient Voice Recording button updates to green to indicate that the recording was saved, and the user can continue completing the visit.

The Patient Voice Recording label will appear on the visit, instead of the patient signature, to indicate that a voice recording was collected to verify the visit.

Once the visit is complete, the patient voice recording is saved and stored on the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Log screen. Users can play and download patient recordings from this screen for auditing purposes. To access the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Log screen, navigate to the Schedule Center or Patient Charts and click on the green house associated with the visit.

Updated on 7/30/2020