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EDI Export Report (HHAeXchange)

The EDI Export Report enables users to accommodate payers that require submission to HHAeXchange. To use the EDI Export Report:

  1. Add HHAeXchange as an EVV Vendor for your agency in Company Setup.
  2. Grant permission to access the report for any users who will be responsible for submission to HHAeXchange.
  3. Generate the report and submit.

HHAeXchange Vendor Setup

To use the EDI Export Report, first add HHAeXchange in Company Setup:

EDI Export Report Permission

Complete the following steps to give a user permission to access the EDI Export Report for HHAeXchange:

Generate the EDI Export Report

Complete the following steps to generate the report:

When the system finishes queuing information, you will receive an alert in your Message Center. Retrieve the completed report by selecting Completed Reports under the Reports tab.

Download the report by select the report name in the first column.

Follow HHAeXchange’s file submission process to upload the report. Note: Review and ensure task rate HCPCS and modifier codes align with the payer’s specifications.

Updated on 10/01/2019