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Axxess’ Physician Portal enables home health agencies and physicians to communicate and collaborate effectively to deliver quality care to their patients and grow their business.


Features of the portal include:



Benefits for Physicians



Signing In

Log into the Physician Portal at


Viewing Orders

The orders management page opens by default, but it can also be accessed through the View menu option.



Opening Orders

Click on the blue hyperlink of the order you would like to open and review.



Order Options

Once you opened an order, it can be Approved, Returned, Printed or Closed.



Returning Orders

To return an item to the agency for correction, click Return and type in the reason for the rejection.  If you change your mind, click Close.



Face to Face Encounter

To complete/edit the Face to Face Encounter, click View in the menu bar and choose Face to Face Encounter.



Editing Face to Face Encounter

Once opened you can type directly on the Face to Face Encounter.


Completing a Face to Face Encounter

Once completed, the documents can be Saved, Completed (Approved) or you can Exit without saving changes.



Printing Orders

To print orders, a plan of care, evaluations, etc., click on View in the menu bar and choose Orders Completed.  On the far right side, click on the printer icon.


Creating a Care Plan Oversight Log

To create a plan, click on the Create tab in the menu bar and choose Care Plan Oversight Log. Fill out the document, then click Save or Complete.


Viewing/Editing Care Plan Oversight

To edit a completed or saved care plan, click on View in the menu bar and choose Care Plan Oversight Log.