The Perform Modality: Electrotherapy text box in the PT OASIS (Therapy Need and Plan) now populates with an editable text statement:


Physical Therapy to perform/instruct on electrotherapy for **enter frequency** for relief of muscle and/or joint pain.



Patient Profile

Medicare Number and Frequencies


The Patient Profile (Quick Reports) now includes:

  • Medicare Number under Payor
  • Frequencies under Current Episode



OASIS: BMI Rounding

In the Vital Signs BMI Calculator box, the Weight field displays only the whole number. If entering decimal values, the displayed value will round off once the user selects another field (e.g. entering 110.5 will be adjusted up as 111, entering 115.45 will be adjusted down as 115).



OASIS-C2: Cardiac

Abnormal Heart Rhythm


In OASIS Abnormal Heart Rhythm for Arrhythmia or Dysrhythmia, the Regular option has been removed.



Referral Form

Patient Mailing Address


When creating a new referral, the Patient Mailing Address in the referral form does not default on the Same as Primary Address box.



POC: Psychosocial Status

Whether any abnormal psychosocial problem(s) was identified or not, the text entered in the Comments box flows to the Plan of Care when the OASIS was signed. Identified abnormal problem(s) also flow into the POC Psychosocial Status section.




OASIS and POC Profile

Limitation of Orders


When editing, adding, or selecting the template for Additional Plan Orders, the information entered (in the Orders text box) is restricted to the same 5,000 characters limit across all Physician Orders, Plan of Care, Plan of Care Profile and Plan of Care Summary (from Quick Reports). This consistency or constant length of all Orders data (or text descriptions up to 5,000 characters) assures the entirety of order information flows successfully from OASIS or POC Profile to the Plan of Care and Plan of Care Summary.


A Warning message will display to make sure the user is aware of when the limit of 5000 characters was reached and no more character can be added.


Note: For Order templates having more than 5000 characters, please make sure to edit the text box appropriately to be within the limit of 5000 characters so incomplete information or missing data would not occurred.





SN Note: Medication Profile

The new Medication Profile Reviewed box has been added to the Health Management section of the Skilled Nurse Visit Note.  A clinician may access and edit the Medication Profile by selecting or clicking on this box.



Updated on 5/03/2018