Clinical Reports

The Report Center in Axxess Palliative Care enables organizations to easily retrieve the reporting they need to streamline operations and optimize performance across every area of business.

To access the Report Center, navigate to the Reports tab and select Report Center from the drop-down menu.

Reports are organized into categories based on the data they provide. Categories include Patient Reports, Clinical Reports, Schedule Reports, People Reports, Statistical Reports, Survey Reports, and Billing and Financial Reports.

User permissions determine which reports are accessible to users in the Report Center.

The Learn More link to the right of each report provides a brief description of the report, the parameters that can be used to customize the data, and the information generated by running the report. Click the name of a report to generate it.

Once a report is generated, users can click the Export button in the top right corner to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet for printing and/or saving electronically. The Report Center button on each report screen enables users to navigate directly back to the Report Center.

The following reports are available in the Clinical Reports section of the Report Center.

On-Call Stats

Description: Displays a list of on-call visits performed after hours.

Parameters: Date Range, Tasks, Team, Branch

Report Includes: Patient Name, MRN, Branch, Team, Task, Status, Employee, Schedule Start, Schedule End

Patient Diagnosis Report

Description: Displays a list of diagnoses for each patient. Denotes the diagnosis and co-morbidities

Parameters: Provider/Branch, Team, Status, ICD 10 Code, Description

Report Includes: Provider/Branch, Team, Patient Name, MRN, Admission Date, Status, ICD 10 Code, Description, Start Date, Resolved Date

Hospitalized Patients Report

Description: Generates a list of patients that have been marked as hospitalized. This report can be a useful tool to identify total number of patients who have been hospitalized for the organization.  

Parameters: Date Range, Branch, Team, Status  

Report Includes: Days Hospitalized, Branch, Team, Status, MRN, Patient Name, Payment Source, Admission Date, Primary Diagnosis, Hospitalization Date, Hospital Discharge Date, Date of Last Visit