Hospice Aide Shift Note

Axxess Hospice now provides easy-to-use shift notes for patients receiving care. This note enables users to document a full shift, enter multiple entries and accommodate patients while staying compliant and providing seamless care delivery.

To complete a Hospice Aide Shift Note, users must have one or more of the following credentials: CNA, RN, LPN, LVN, HHA or CHHA.

Schedule Hospice Aide Shift Notes

To schedule a Hospice Aide Shift Note, navigate to the Patient Schedule or Employee Schedule screen under the Schedule tab, and click Add Task. In the Add Task window, select Hospice Aide Shift Note from the Task drop-down menu.

Complete the remaining fields and click Save Task.

Schedule tab ➜ Patient Schedule or Employee Schedule ➜ Add Task ➜ Task ➜ Hospice Aide Shift Note ➜ Save Task

Completing Shift Notes

Once a task has been scheduled, click the task from the patient or employee schedule to begin documenting.

The Administrative Information tab enables users to document details about the shift, including the Shift Start Date, Shift End Date, Shift Start Time and Shift End Time.

The remaining tabs will have a Shift Summary section at the top of the note.

Below are action buttons that may be needed throughout the hospice aide shift. These buttons enable the user to easily view or add each action depending on the their permissions.

Plan of Care Profile


Medication Profile


Incident Report


View eMAR


View Vital Signs


View Symptom Ratings


Each tab enables the user to complete multiple entries throughout the shift. To begin, click Add. New date and time fields will appear along with buttons to view, edit and delete.

Unique Shift Documentation

Documentation unique to shift work can be found in the Hospice Aide Shift Note.

Vital Signs








Personal Care




Household Task/ADLs


Coordination of Care



Shift Initiation Tab

The Shift Initiation tab enables documentation of who the oncoming Hospice Aide received the report from at the beginning of their shift. This is the only section that allows for one entry.

All other tabs enable the user to document multiple entries throughout the shift. To begin, click Add. Then new Date and Time fields will appear along with buttons to View/Edit and Delete. Click Edit to add the entry details or Delete to remove the entry. The Minimize button enables the user to minimize the current section of the entry.

Hospice Aide Shift Entry Tabs

When the user selects one or more of the tabs, the system will display the following options: Completed, Refused, or N/A. Users will have the option to leave a comment in the box provided.

Updated on 05/19/2022