Billing Enhancements

Batch Billing

Batch billing enables agencies to bill multiple claims simultaneously in Axxess Hospice. Once claims have been verified, users can submit multiple in a single batch.

To submit multiple claims in a single batch, navigate to the Claims page using the Billing tab menu. Billing tab ➜ Claims

Check the boxes next to desired claims and click Submit Selected in the top right corner of the Claims screen.

Facility NPIs

From the Claims screen, users can view, add and update facility NPIs by selecting Verify under Actions next to the desired claim. Scroll to the Providers section and click Add Service Facility.

Scroll to the Service Facility section to view, add or update the NPI.

Billing tab ➜ Claims ➜ Verify under Actions ➜ Providers section ➜ Add Service Facility ➜ Service Facility section ➜ NPI

Updated on 2/27/2020