Credit Card Verification Alerts

Axxess Care now automatically alerts users when a credit card in use requires authentication to complete a transaction. This enhancement streamlines operations by enabling organizations to conveniently complete card verification within the solution.

Credit Card Verification Alerts

When assigning a visit to a clinician and the card on file requires additional authentication, users will receive the following alerts:

  • A banner will appear alerting the user that verification is needed. A Verify button will also appear, providing the user a hyperlink to complete verification.

  • A red exclamation mark will appear next to the Posted tab listed under Visits.

  • The visit status, located at the top of the page, will be listed as Pending CC Verification.

Complete Credit Card Verification

To verify a credit card:

  • Navigate to the Verify button located within the alert banner. Clicking the button will open a new webpage.

  • Complete the verification using two-factor authentication. Depending on the bank, this may include logging into your card account or verifying a code sent to your phone or email.

  • Once verification is complete, return to the Axxess Care webpage. A pop-up message will appear, asking if the actions required have been completed.

  • Select Yes to refresh the screen and proceed with the transaction.

If the card was verified successfully, the transaction will initiate and the visit will be offered to the clinician selected.

If card verification failed, the visit will return to Posted status and the user will need to assign the clinician the visit again and restart the verification process.

Updated on 5/15/2024