Top 10 Error Reason Codes

The pie chart displays statistical data of the most common error codes. Hovering over the graph displays the following details:

  • Category Code – The classification each claim status is housed under.
  • Status Code – A two-digit code that represents the status of the claim.
  • Percentage – The fraction each Reason Code has in relation to the total sum.
  • Total Count – The sum of claims with the specified reason code.

Electronic Fund Transfers

This report displays Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) that have been paid for the previous seven days and future dates.

Patient Payments

The report shows patient payment advices. Filter by entering Patient Name/ID, choosing Providers, Payers and/or Date Range.

Payer Issues

This report shows issues of payers. To filter, choose Payers/Statuses and enter the Date Range.