Homemaker Visit and Care Plan

Axxess Hospice now enables users to schedule tasks and care plans for homemakers.

To schedule tasks and care plans for homemakers, users must have scheduling permissions in Axxess Hospice.

Schedule a Homemaker Visit/Care Plan

To schedule a homemaker visit, navigate to the Schedule tab and select Patient Schedule or Employee Schedule. On the patient’s or employee’s schedule, click Add Task.

Schedule tab ➜ Patient Schedule/Employee Schedule ➜ Add Task

From the Task drop-down menu, select Homemaker Visit. Enter the remaining visit details and click Save Task or Save Task & Add Another to add the visit to the schedule. These visits will count against the hospice aide frequency.

To schedule a Homemaker Care Plan, select Homemaker Care Plan from the Task drop-down menu.

The scheduling employee must have HMK, Other, None or Unknown selected in the Credentials field in their user profile for the homemaker options to appear in the Task menu.

To ensure the visit flows to the appropriate claim, add the visit task to the appropriate payers with the correct payer codes.

Updated on 08/25/2021