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Payroll Task Details

Axxess Home Care now streamlines scheduling and payroll processes by enabling users to view and update payroll details at the task level.

When viewing details for a scheduled task, a new Payroll Details section appears with the following columns:

Payable – Indicates if the task is payable or not.


Start Time and End Time – Displays time in and time out for the task.


Units – Displays the number of payable units based on the rate type and time in and out.


Rate – Displays the rate, if the user viewing the details has permission to view Quick Details Pay.


Rate Type – Indicates the pay rate type (per visit, hourly, per 15 min, flat) if the user has permission to view Quick Details Pay.


Paid – Indicates whether or not the task has been paid.


Edit – Enables the user to edit the rate and rate type, if the user has permission to view Quick Details Pay.


Users with permission to view pay and bill rates will see a Gross Profit Forecast section underneath the payroll details. The forecast will provide the gross profit (GP) percentage based on the bill and pay rates.

Updated on 07/29/2021