Axxess Palliative Care

Axxess Palliative Care is the first custom-built software solution designed specifically for the delivery of palliative care.

Developed in partnership with Axxess clients, Axxess Palliative Care is built for flexibility and meets the unique needs of palliative care practitioners, who can focus on managing their patients’ symptoms and health goals. Axxess Palliative Care provides:

Ease of Use: Palliative care is evolving. Axxess Palliative Care is built for flexibility and designed with the practitioner in mind, with streamlined workflows from intake to claim submission.

Physician Billing: Axxess Palliative Care enables billing for Medicare Part B claims through Axxess’ direct connection to Medicare as a Network Service Vendor. As organizations expand the type of palliative care provided, the software is integrated with Axxess’ revenue cycle management solution to enable billing for all payers.

Automated Workflows: Workflows are built with the needs of physicians and nurse practitioners in mind; documentation is centralized to help with palliative care caseloads.

Axxess Palliative Care is available through any internet browser and on any device: PC, tablet, or mobile. Our mobile solution can be used to document via iOS or Android devices, and users can download visits for working offline.