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Electronic Signature



Axxess has taken steps to protect you and your license within AgencyCore.


First, we use a signature password rather than your name as your signature. You will enter your password each time

you are signing visit notes, orders and other clinical documentation. Our signature password will only verify when you

are signed into the system. This ensures only you have the ability to sign your work.


Finally, we allow you to change your electronic signature at any point in time.


To further protect yourself we encourage you to choose a strong and secure password to protect the integrity of your

work.  Do not use passwords that are easy to guess. For example, do not use your name as your electronic signature.

In addition, you may set the password for your electronic signature as the same password you use to login to the system. 


To reset your electronic signature, hover over Home, then My Account and select Reset Signature.

Reset Signature


Click the Reset Signature button. This will send a link to the email address associated with your profile, which allows

you to reset your electronic signature.


Note: This will only reset your Electronic Signature your Axxess login password will remain the same.  To reset your

password click here.

Reset Signature Approval