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Posting Internal Visits

AxxessCARE is excited to announce the release of an exciting new internal scheduling feature. Agencies now have the ability to choose whether to post visits internally so that only their staff clinicians can view and apply. At any point, agencies can easily make the visit visible to all clinicians in the area by selecting to post it externally.



To begin using this new feature, all visits posted to AxxessCARE will now have the option to post internally by checking the box within the confirm posting window in AgencyCore. Once the box is checked, simply click Confirm Posting to complete the process.



Agencies can easily distinguish between internally and externally posted visits by looking at the color heart associated

with the visit. Internal visits will be identified with a purple heart while external visits will be identified with a teal heart.



When viewing posted visits within the AxxessCARE web portal, internal visits are easily identified by the purple heart.



Another filter has been added for convenience so that agencies can easily check the status of internal visits.



The Visit Details page will appear the same except for the addition of two features. Next, to the patient name, a banner will

now appear if a visit is posted internally. If the visit is posted externally, the purple banner will not appear. This page will also

allow an agency to post their internal visits externally by simply clicking the “Post Externally” button.



Finally, agencies now have the option to use their standard payroll for internal visits along with using a credit card. The agency

can choose their payment option once they choose to assign a visit to a clinician.




How do I post visits internally?

The process to post visits is simple for all types of visits posted to AxxessCARE. Visits can be posted internally or externally in

AgencyCore directly from the patient’s chart, the Schedule Center, or the AxxessCARE Scheduler. Just before confirming the

visit posting, agencies will have an option to post the visit internally (visible only to that agency’s staff). For additional

information on how to schedule visits in AxxessCARE, please refer to our FAQ on Scheduling Visits.