Emergency Preparedness Patient List Report


The new Emergency Preparedness Patient List report gives agencies the ability to quickly and easily manage emergency

preparedness planning information.


The report is located in the Report Center under Patient Reports



The Emergency Preparedness Patient List report allows users to filter and sort patients by triage level, and quickly identify

patients requiring immediate assistance during an emergency.


Select the Agency Branch, Patient Status, and Emergency Triage Level before selecting Request Report.



The report is generated in Excel format with columns providing Patient Information, Emergency Contact Information and

Evacuation Information.


The ability to review each patient’s identified needs, evacuation address and mobile phone numbers increases the

likelihood of successfully locating a patient during an emergency.


Patient Information columns generated in the report:



Emergency Contact Information columns generated in the report:



Evacuation Information columns generated in the report:



Additionally, for QAPI, patients missing a triage level and patients requiring immediate assistance (to ensure patient

safety) are easily identifiable in the report tabs, allowing agencies to meet regulatory requirements during an emergency or disaster.




Emergency preparedness information is entered through:


1.  Patient Profile>Emergency Preparedness tab; or through



2.  OASIS Assessments performed by clinicians (OASIS>Risk Assessment tab>Hospitalization Risk Assessment

Tools and Emergency Preparedness sectionà Emergency Preparedness button).



3.  Mobile phone numbers populated in the report are entered through Patient Profile>Demographics tab.