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EDI Export Report (HHAeXchange) Updates

The EDI Export Report (HHAeXchange) now accounts for adjusted time, so agencies can streamline operations by eliminating double entry in Axxess and HHAeXchange, and facilitate compliance by billing accurate times.

The following updates have been made to the EDI Export Report (HHAeXchange):

Action Taken Menu

In addition to the existing Reason Code drop-down menu, there is now an Action Taken drop-down menu that is required for any edits made to EVV for HHAeXchange.

Adjusted Time Field

Additionally, when Adjusted Time is entered on the EVV Details screen, it will override the Visit Time fields on the EDI Export Report (HHAeXchange) to coincide with HHAeXchange specifications.

Updated on 3/12/2020