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Updates to Diagnosis Codes in Patient Chart

Diagnosis codes in Axxess Home Health now flow seamlessly between Patient Chart information and assessments.

Users with the permission to Add/Edit/Delete Diagnoses can revise diagnoses from within assessments as well as the patient’s chart.

When admitting a new patient, diagnoses can be entered in the Clinical/Diagnoses tab. The information entered will then be saved to the patient’s chart. All diagnoses from the Patient Chart will be visible during the initial assessment.

Editing Diagnosis Codes Within the Assessment

Users can edit diagnoses codes or an order under the Patient History and Diagnosis tab in the Diagnoses Symptom Control section. Once all changes are made, select Save & Exit.

Patient History and Diagnosis tab ➜ Edit Diagnosis Codes ➜ Save & Exit

This section will be prepopulated with all diagnosis codes inputted at admission. Once any changes are made, the clinician will validate and complete the assessment.

Once the assessment is completed through QA approval or bypassing QA, the chart will update in the Patient Chart and Patient Profile. If during the QA process the diagnoses list is revised, the list will be updated based on visit date and will flow to the Patient Chart as well as subsequent tasks

Editing Diagnosis Codes in the Patient Chart

In order to revise a patient’s diagnoses, a user with Add, Edit, Delete permissions must navigate to the Patient Chart and select Edit Patient. It is suggested to manually edit the patient’s diagnosis codes list in the Patient Chart only when timeliness of assessment completion is of concern.

Patient Chart ➜ Edit Patient

Under the Clinical/Diagnosis tab, users can navigate to the Patient/Diagnosis section and edit diagnoses. Once Save and Continue or Save and Exit is selected, the patient’s diagnoses will update. The diagnoses will be visible in any newly scheduled assessment for clinical review.

Clinical/Diagnosis tab ➜ Patient/Diagnosis section ➜ Save and Continue or Save and Exit

The Patient Chart will default to either the most recent manual edit or the most recent completed assessment. If a manual edit has been made and not reflecting the code alignment within the assessment, users with permission to edit diagnoses with the Patient Chart can realign the codes manually to reflect the assessment.

Updated on 09/24/2021