User Roles

Axxess Palliative Care now enables organizations to set user roles to streamline the process of granting permissions to new users.

Users must have permission to view, add and edit user roles in Axxess Palliative Care.

User Role Permissions

To give a user permission to view, add and edit user roles, edit the user’s profile and navigate to the Permissions tab. In the Administration section, select View, Add and Edit next to the User Roles permission. Click Save to finish granting the permissions to the user.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ Permissions tab ➜Administration section ➜ User Roles ➜ View/Add/Edit ➜ Save

Add User Roles

To create a new user role, navigate to the three-line menu ( ) in the top-right corner of the screen and select User Roles. On the User Roles screen, click Add Role.

➜ User Roles ➜ Add Role

In the Add Role window, enter a title for the role. Select the permissions, quality assurance settings and co-signature settings for the role, and click Save Role to finish adding the role.

Assign User Roles

Once user roles are created, they can be assigned to users on the User Role tab of the user’s profile. To assign a user role to an existing user, edit the user’s profile and stay on the User Role tab.

People tab ➜ People Center ➜ Edit ➜ User Role tab

Assigning a role to a user will override the user’s existing permissions.

Updated on 05/04/2023