Summaries Bypass Physician Signatures

Axxess Home Health now enables auto-generated episode summaries to bypass physician signatures. This feature streamlines operations and decreases costs by automating the process for documenting that summaries were sent to and received by the physician or facility.

When a summary is created in the system and processed through QA, or the user has bypass QA permissions, the summary will no longer flow to the Orders Pending MD Signature screen. Instead, once it is sent through orders management, it will be updated to Order Received status. This prevents the organization from having to track the order for a return signature.

Auto-generated summaries are documents that are automatically created in Axxess Home Health following one of the below events for a patient:

End-of-Episode Summary: Generated when an OASIS Recertification assessment is signed


Discharge Summary: Generated when an OASIS Discharge assessment is signed


Transfer Summary: Generated when an OASIS Transfer assessment is signed


Intra-Episode Summary: Generated by the user on the Episode Summaries page


These documents do not require physician signatures because the corresponding assessment and order will already be sent to the physician for signature. These documents will be marked as Order Received and will not be required to be sent to the physician.

Updated on 02/24/2021