Telehealth Visit Note Update

The telehealth visit note in Axxess Home Health now includes guidance with detailed information on documenting the type of patient encounters performed during telehealth visits. To access this guidance, click the question mark icon under Telehealth Assessment in a telehealth visit note.

Telehealth visits can include video conferences between the healthcare provider and the patient/caregiver or interactive transmission of vital signs data to a healthcare provider who can make clinical decisions based on the data collected through telehealth.

Information is also included to help clinicians consider patient criteria for telehealth visits, including evaluation of clinical status and functional considerations for phone monitoring and telemonitoring per HHQI guidelines. Additionally, the information includes guidance for evaluating patients’ willingness to use telehealth and the presence of physician orders that indicate the need for telehealth visits and the visit frequency that must be included in the plan of care.

For additional information on telehealth visit notes, click here.

Updated on 06/11/2020