ST Pediatric Documentation

Axxess Home Care now provides documents to accommodate speech therapy services delivered to pediatric clients. Users can activate ST pediatric evaluation, re-evaluation and visit notes to enable caregivers to easily document speech therapy services provided to pediatric clients.

ST pediatric notes must be activated in Company Setup before they can be scheduled and completed. To activate these notes, navigate to Company Setup under the Admin tab. On the Document Management tab, click New to activate a new document type.

Admin tab ➜ Company Setup ➜ Document Management tab ➜ New

Enter the document details and select an ST pediatric document from the Documentation drop-down menu. ST pediatric documents include: ST Pediatric Evaluation, ST Pediatric Re-Evaluation and ST Pediatric Visit.

Select ST pediatric documents to enable, mark as Billable and/or Payable as needed, and select any corresponding addenda to be added to the notes.

Click Save to activate the selected notes.

Once activated, the notes can be scheduled in the Schedule Center and completed as therapy is delivered to pediatric clients. These notes will also be available from the mobile application.

Updated on 9/24/2020