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Intro to AgencyCore



Axxess' AgencyCore is built on the most comprehensive, state of the art software development tools available.  It can

be accessed through any mainstream internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple



AgencyCore can be conveniently accessed using an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows-based Desktop, Laptops or

Tablet PCs.  Our flexible web-based home health software allows our customers to choose the devices that are convenient

for them.  Anywhere you have internet access and a device you have AgencyCore, be that at home or around the world.


While we are not the first web-based platform, it is certainly the most advanced.  It is delivered through cloud-based

redundant servers located across the North American continent for always on, robust service that allows you to focus on taking

care of your patients from anywhere.


HIPAA Compliance:


To maintain HIPAA compliance,  information in Axxess' AgencyCore is offered to you on a need-to-know basis and is

determined by your organization's system administrator. Each user in AgencyCore is assigned a role by the System

Administrator.  Each role has a set of basic permissions associated with it that is already determined by the software. For

example, all users have access to send and receive messages in AgencyCore.


This being said we recognize every agency is not identical in their operations.  So, in addition to the roles, AgencyCore

goes one step further and allows customization so that you can tailor permissions based on your organization's needs.

For example, if one individual in your agency is both a scheduler and a biller, or a nurse and a quality assurance auditor,

the permissions assigned to that individual can be customized to that individual’s job(s) within the agency.