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Edit Client


This tutorial will provide you with an overview of how to Edit a Client in Axxess HomeCare.

Navigate to Clients -> Client Center

Filter the client list at the left or type in your client name utilizing the “Find” Field.

The Selected Client’s Chart information will be available to the right of the client list.  Selecting Edit will navigate the user into the Client Chart.

Items that will be discussed under the Edit Client Chart tutorial:

Information Tab

Comments: Any additional client notes may be added here.  They will pull to the client profile.

Select one of the Save options if changes were made.

The Activity Log is permission based and viewable in the bottom right hand corner.  This indicates when changes were made to the client information.


Billing Details Tab

Medical Information Tab


For Diagnoses to populate to orders and claims, a diagnoses snapshot must be created.  The snapshots allow agencies to keep a history of the client’s diagnosis throughout their admission.  To create a snapshot, click the “Sign Diagnoses”.




Client Contacts Tab

This concludes the Edit Client Tutorial for Axxess HomeCare.