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Episode Summary Automation

Episode Summary Automation

Episode summaries are automatically generated in Axxess’ Home Health solution, so clinicians do not need to spend time manually collecting and documenting episode information. This functionality enhances ease of use, reduces documentation time, and optimizes organizational efficiency.

Types of Automated Episode Summaries

Accessing Episode Summaries

End-of-Episode, Transfer, and Discharge Summaries are automatically generated when the respective OASIS assessment is signed by the clinician:

Intra-Episode Summaries

To generate an Intra-Episode Summary:

  1. Select Patient Charts under the Patients tab.
  2. Select Episode Summaries from the Quick Reports For This Patient menu on the right side of the Patient Chart.
  3. Click the Create Episode Summary button in the top right corner of the Episode Summaries page.

Patients tab>Patient Charts>Quick Reports For This Patient>Episode Summaries>Create Episode Summary

Intra-Episode Summaries can be labeled with any of the summary titles shown below:

Intra-Episode Summaries reflect the status of the patient as of the day the report is generated.

Generate an Intra-Episode Summary to review interventions and goals of all disciplines and monitor progress toward treatment goals (met versus unmet).

Use Intra-Episode Summaries to discuss patient progress during meetings and case conferences.

Episode Summaries Page

In addition to Intra-Episode Summary generation, the Episode Summaries page features the following items and capabilities:

Episode Summary Flow

Episode summaries are automatically generated when the OASIS assessment is signed by the clinician, unless the option to automatically generate the summary is deselected on the signature page of the OASIS assessment.

Once the clinician signs the respective OASIS assessment:

Content of Episode Summaries

End-of-Episode Summary

The Visit Narrative entered in the OASIS Recertification assessment populates in the End-of-Episode Summary.

Discharge Summary

The following items flow from the OASIS Discharge assessment to the Discharge Summary:

Transfer Summary

The following items flow from the OASIS Transfer assessment to the Transfer Summary:

Correcting Info in Episode Summaries

Information in the automated episode summaries can be corrected by adjusting the information in the document of origin (e.g., OASIS assessment, Plan of Care Profile, or Patient Chart).

When a Recertification or Discharge OASIS assessment is re-opened for corrections, the user receives the following warning message:

If the user does not want another summary to be created, then the option to not replace the current summary should be selected.

Resolving Goals

Goals and interventions are updated and resolved in the Plan of Care Profile. Access the Plan of Care Profile through OASIS assessments, the Plan of Care edit screen in the QA Center, clinician notes and/or physician orders.

When clinicians perform their discharge visits or resolve interventions and goals between visits, updates to the Plan of Care Profile are automatically reflected in the Episode Summaries.

Note: Goals that have not been resolved as met/unmet are automatically marked as unresolved by the system at discharge. Goals must be marked as met or unmet in the Plan of Care Profile.

Episode Summaries Video

Updated on 5/15/2019