Nearby Clinicians in Posted Visits

Axxess Care now provides a Nearby Clinicians section in each posted visit that displays a map of clinicians who are near the organization’s address. The patient’s address is also pinned on the map so organizations can view each nearby clinician’s proximity to the patient.

This enhancement streamlines visit assignment and promotes timely care delivery by helping organizations locate qualified clinicians who are near both the organization and the patient.

The Nearby Clinicians section appears on the right side of posted visits. To open a posted visit, select Posted under the Visits tab and click View Visit next to the desired visit.

Visits tab ➜ Posted ➜ View Visit

Click here in the Nearby Clinicians section of the visit to open the Clinician Map screen and view nearby clinicians.

The red push pin on the map represents the patient’s address. Each clinician within a 20-mile radius of the organization’s address appears on the map and in the list on the left side of the screen. Users can filter by license type using the filters at the top of the screen.

Updated on 07/06/2023