Infectious Disease Profile/COVID-19 Screening

The following features in Axxess Home Health help agencies streamline COVID-19 screening and documentation.

The COVID-19 screening in Axxess Home Health enables agencies to screen patients, household members, non-agency caregivers and agency staff for COVID-19 and seamlessly record screenings in their Infectious Disease Profiles.

COVID-19 diagnosis codes are integrated with ICD-10-CM codes, and COVID-19 teaching templates are available in Templates drop-down menus throughout the platform.

Infectious Disease Profile

The Infectious Disease Profile tracks infectious diseases and screening tools used to detect them.

This feature streamlines operations by enabling agencies to manage all aspects of infectious disease monitoring in a central location, and facilitates compliance with infection control and emergency preparedness planning requirements.

Users can access the Infectious Disease Profile in the Infectious Disease Profile tab of a user’s profile and the Quick Reports menu of a patient’s chart.

To access an employee’s Infectious Disease Profile:

View tab ➜ Lists ➜ Users ➜ Edit ➜ Infectious Disease Profile tab

To access a patient’s Infectious Disease Profile:

Patients tab ➜ Patient Charts ➜ Quick Reports menu ➜ Infectious Disease Profile

Users can also access the Infectious Disease Profile from within clinical documentation, so patient disease screenings can easily be documented as they are completed at the point of care.

In the Infection Control section of visit notes, users can click the Infectious Disease Profile button to access the profile when documenting a new infection.

Visit Note ➜ Infection Control section ➜ New infection diagnosed ➜ Infectious Disease Profile

Users can also access the Infectious Disease Profile in the Risk Assessment tab of an OASIS.

OASIS document ➜ Risk Assessment tab ➜ Infectious Disease Profile and COVID-19 Screening section ➜ Infectious Disease Profile

Infectious disease screenings that have been completed are listed in the Infectious Disease Profile with the following details:

  • User who completed the screening
  • Type of screening completed
  • Date and time the screening was completed
  • Person screened (patient, household member, non-agency caregiver or agency staff)
  • Name of person screened
  • COVID-19 risk level
  • Screening results

Select View in the Actions column to display the results of a screening that has been completed.

COVID-19 Screenings

To add a new COVID-19 screening for a patient, household member, non-agency caregiver or agency employee, click COVID-19 Screening in the top left corner of the Infectious Disease Profile.

Complete the screening questions and assign a risk level based on your agency’s policies.

If necessary, upload a template using the Templates menu and/or add requirements or comments under Additional Screening Requirements.

Check the box next to the screening acknowledgement to confirm that the COVID-19 screening was performed before care delivery and that agency policies and procedures were followed to prevent the spread of the virus.

Once all screening fields are complete, click Sign Screening to enter your electronic signature and save the screening.

An unlimited number of COVID-19 screenings can be completed from the web and mobile applications. The COVID-19 screening:

  • Enables users to screen patients, household members, non-agency caregivers and agency staff for COVID-19
  • Enables users to document the name of the person screened and his/her relationship to the patient
  • Reflects the latest signs and symptoms of COVID-19 from the CDC
  • Requires users to confirm that COVID-19 screenings were performed before care delivery and agency policies and procedures were followed to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Requires clinicians to electronically sign the screening
  • Records the date and time that the screening was completed
  • Enables users to document a patient’s, household member’s or non-agency caregiver’s refusal to complete a COVID-19 screening and records the date and time of the refusal

COVID-19 Diagnosis Codes

The ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes in Axxess Home Health have been updated to include COVID-19 diagnosis codes, which are effective April 1, 2020.

U07.1, COVID-19 Virus Identified – This code is intended for use when the virus has been identified and confirmed by a positive COVID-19 test result.

Additionally, CMS has made the following changes to the PDGM grouping to accommodate COVID-19:

  • U07.1, COVID-19 will be assigned to the Medication Management, Teaching and Assessment-Respiratory (MMTA-Respiratory) clinical group for case-mix adjustment under the HH PPS.

  • U07.1, COVID-19 will be added to a new comorbidity subgroup, Respiratory 10, and will receive a low comorbidity adjustment under the HH PPS case-mix system.

Our home health platform has been updated to account for changes to the grouping and the case-mix analysis it will generate.

COVID-19 Teaching Templates

New COVID-19 teaching guides templates are available in the Templates drop-down menus throughout Axxess Home Health. Clinicians can use the COVID-19 teaching guides to educate patients and record COVID-19 documentation.

Selecting a teaching guide in the Templates menu will populate the text box (e.g., the Intervention text field on OASIS and clinician visit notes).

Guides are editable so users can individualize documentation to the patient and teaching completed.