Influenza Immunization Documentation

Axxess Palliative Care now enables users to document a patient’s influenza immunization status when completing a visit. This feature helps organizations maintain thorough clinical documentation and stay compliant with MIPS quality measure CMS 147v11.

To document a patient’s immunization status, users must schedule a visit in Axxess Palliative Care.

Schedule a Visit

To schedule a visit, navigate to the Patient Schedule screen under the Schedule tab. Select the appropriate patient from the left-side menu and click Add Task.

Schedule tab ➜ Patient Schedule ➜ select a user ➜ Add Task

In the Add Task window, complete the required fields and select Save Task.

To start the visit, select the visit on the Patient Schedule screen.

Document an Immunization

Once the visit is open, navigate to the Immunizations section to document an immunization.

If the patient has already received the influenza vaccine, click Yes under the first question. If the patient has not received the vaccine, click No.

If the patient has not yet received the influenza vaccine, users can document administration of the vaccine by selecting Administer Influenza Vaccine under No.

If the patient has not received the vaccine and the vaccine is not administered during the visit, select Vaccine Not Administered under No and select a reason.

If your organization participates in MIPS quality measure CMS 147v11, these documentation points will count toward your quality measure calculations.

Updated on 11/30/2022