Getting Paid

I set up my payment account. Why can’t I apply for visits?

Once you enter your bank account, the app verifies your information. Once the verification is complete, you will be able to apply for visits. 

Who pays me for my visits?

The organization who posted the visit will pay you.  

Who sets the visit rate?

The organization sets the visit rate prior to posting the visit. You can see the pay rate on the visit posting so you will know how much the visit will pay before you apply. 

Will I know how much the visit will pay before I apply?

Yes. The visit rate will appear on the visit posting so you can apply for the best-paying visits in your area.

Can the organization change the pay rate after I apply?

The organization may change the pay rate until the visit is assigned. Once the organization assigns the visit, the pay rate is set and cannot be changed. 

How do I get paid?

Set up direct deposit by entering your bank routing number and account number into the Axxess CARE mobile app. Once you submit your notes and the organization has reviewed and approved the documentation or the organization has surpassed the five days given, funds will be released to your account. 

Does Axxess CARE guarantee payment?

Axxess CARE does not guarantee payment. However, when an organization assigns a visit, the visit rate amount is charged to the organization’s payment source on file and put on hold until the note is complete and funds are released. 

What if I don’t want to enter my account information? Can I request to be paid via check or some other method?

The only method of payment currently supported by Axxess CARE is direct deposit. You must enter your account information into the Axxess CARE app before you can apply for a visit. Rest assured that your account information will not be made available to anyone but you. 

Can I change my direct deposit information?

Yes. You can change your direct deposit information on the Payment Account screen.

Can I have more than one account set up for direct deposit?

No. At this time, you may only have one account set up for direct deposit. 

How do taxes get taken out?

Since you are not an employee of the organization or Axxess CARE, no taxes are taken out. You would calculate the taxes owed as part of your personal filing. 

Will Axxess send me a 1099 for the work I did through Axxess CARE?

No. All tax information will come from the home health organizations that have paid you. 

Does Axxess get a percentage of what I get paid?

No. The money you earn is yours to keep. Axxess does not take any percentage of your pay. 

Is documentation required prior to receiving payment?

Yes. A visit must have documentation completed and approved by QA. The organization has five days from the time documentation is submitted to approve the documentation before funds are automatically released to the clinician. 

How does it affect my payment if my documentation is returned?

If your document is returned by QA, it must be approved by QA before payment is released. Be sure to correct your returned document in a timely manner so it can be released for payment. 

Will I be paid for a missed visit if the patient isn’t home after confirming the visit?

There is not a way to be paid for missed visits through Axxess CARE at the present time. Please contact the organization for their policy on missed visit payments, if any. 

Will I be paid mileage?

There is no separate payment for mileage.

Can I get reimbursed for supplies I purchase for patient care?

The organization is responsible for having supplies in the patient’s home. You can call or message the organization to confirm supplies are available in the home. “Car stock” is not currently reimbursed by the organization.