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Getting Started FAQs


Can users share email addresses?

Since the password is used to sign all documents within the system Axxess recommends that users do not share access. Axxess also limits only ONE user at a time to be logged in to the software using a common name.

Are my password and my electronic signature the same?

The first time you log in to Axxess’ AgencyCore, your electronic signature is the same as the password you created. Once you change either the password or electronic signature, they become different. You can choose to reset your signature to match your login password if you wish.

How do I reset my electronic signature?

We provide a tutorial found here. However, in short:

  1. Go to the Home tab
  2. Choose My Account
  3. Toggle to Reset Signature
  4. In the pop up window, choose Reset Signature
  5. An email with a link to reset your signature will be sent to your login email. Follow the instructions of that email to finalize resetting your signature

My computer is running slow, what could be the problem?

Axxess is a completely web-based system. Therefore, your internet connection can affect the performance speed of any of our products. You will enjoy a more pleasant user experience the faster your internet connection is, but in general, any internet connection that allows you to browse the web comfortably is sufficient.


Please visit to determine your internet speed. Please note that you may experience a slower internet connection when it is shared among several users.

Which browsers does Axxess support?

Axxess solutions are most compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla/Firefox. However, we do support Internet Explorer and Safari as well.

How often should I save my documents?

Documents should be saved frequently. Especially if you are going to be leaving your computer for any length of time.

Do I need to back up my documents often?

You do not have to do anything to back up your documents. Axxess provides automatic back up of your data.

How do I obtain a list of documents that need to be printed?

You can view all documents that need to be printed in the Print Queue located under the View tab.

Can I print out blank forms?

Yes, you can print blank forms. These are found in the Blank Forms section under the View tab. Click on the form name and select Print.

What do I do with my original paper documents?

You can attach paper documents to each note in AgencyCore.

How do I attach a document in the system?

There are two places to attach documents in Details.

  1. Go to the Patients tab and select Patient Charts or go to the Schedule tab and select Schedule Center
  2. Find the correct patient using the filters and search options on the left-hand side
  3. Once you have found your patient, from the Action column on the right select Details
  4. A new screen will pop up. Scroll down to find the Browse buttons
  5. Attach scanned files

How do I send and receive messages?

There are two ways to access the messaging system within AgencyCore:

  1. From your Dashboard under Messages
  2. From the Home tab and go to My Messages


From the Dashboard you can view your Inbox and create a new message. From the Home tab, you can view your Inbox, sent messages and create a new message.

How do I get support during and after hours?

Our online Help Center is available 24/7/365 for your use in finding answers to common questions on all Axxess products. You can navigate throughout the Help Center using the navigation bar at the top. If you are still not finding what you need, you can call our Client Success team.


Our Client Success team can also be reached via email at