Patient Assignment Alerts

Axxess Hospice now alerts users when they have been assigned to or removed from a patient’s care team. Users with access to manage patient information can add and remove care team members from a patient’s chart. Once a user is added or removed from a patient’s care team, the user will be alerted through the Message Center in Axxess Hospice.

Assign Patient Care Team Members

To assign users to a patient’s care team, navigate to the patient’s chart and select Edit Profile. On the Clinical Information tab, begin typing in the following fields to search for and assign users to the corresponding roles:

Social Worker


Spiritual Care Counselor


Hospice Aide


Volunteer Coordinator


Bereavement Coordinator


Once team members have been assigned to the appropriate roles, click Save at the bottom of the screen. The assigned team members will receive a message indicating that they have been assigned to a patient’s care team.

If a team member is assigned to multiple roles, the user will only receive one message with their roles listed. If a user is removed from a patient’s care team, the user will receive a message stating that they are no longer assigned to the patient.

If a patient will not be seen by a certain discipline, the fields can remain blank as they are not required fields.

Updated on 08/11/2021