OASIS-D1 Assessments for ST and OT

New OASIS-D1 assessments in Axxess Home Health enable users to maintain standard, compliant OASIS documentation for patients receiving speech or occupational therapy.

The new OASIS-D1 assessments for ST and OT include OASIS audits to alert users to missed questions, OASIS scrubbing to identify documentation inconsistencies, real-time validations to ensure accurate documentation, Plan of Care Profile access, auto-generated Plans of Care, MedlinePlus and CDC resource links, and the ability to load previous documentation to save time and streamline processes.

Each new OASIS-D1 assessment is labeled with its respective time point and discipline:

OASIS-D1 Death (ST)  
OASIS-D1 Follow-Up (ST)  
OASIS-D1 Resumption of Care (ST)  
OASIS-D1 Transfer Discharge (ST)  
OASIS-D1 Transfer (OT)  

Schedule an Assessment

The new OASIS-D1 assessments for ST and OT can be scheduled through the Therapy menu in the Schedule Center.

To schedule an ST or OT assessment for a patient whose payer requires OASIS submission:

Navigate to the Schedule Center under the Schedule tab. Select a date on the calendar to schedule the assessment. In the Scheduler menu, navigate to the Therapy tab. Select a task from the Task drop-down menu and select a user to complete the task. The date selected on the calendar will populate in the Date field. Click Save to schedule the task.

Schedule tab ➜ Schedule Center ➜ Select date on calendar ➜ Therapy tab ➜ Complete fields ➜ Save

Complete an Assessment

When completing an OASIS-D1 assessment for ST or OT, users can load previous comprehensive assessments in the Load Previous Assessment sections.

Real-time validations ensure accurate documentation.

In the Diagnoses Symptom Control sections, users can click the up and down arrows on the left to adjust the sequence of diagnoses as needed. The MedlinePlus link to the right of each diagnosis provides teaching guidance on the disease and disease management of the diagnosis entered.

Assessment entries populate the components in the patient’s chart, including allergies, medications, immunizations, advance care planning and emergency preparedness.

Direct access to the Plan of Care Profile provides prompts for effective care planning and populates the auto-generated Plan of Care.

Additional documents, including HHA care plans and infection logs, are available from within the assessments.

OASIS audits alert users to any missed OASIS questions.

The OASIS scrubber analyzes OASIS answers and alerts users to documentation inconsistencies.

Updated on 12/21/2020