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Background Checks

When I try to apply for a visit, the app asks for my social security number. Can I bypass this step?

No, you cannot bypass this step. Axxess CARE uses Checkr to complete background checks that require your social security number. The background check must be completed before you can apply for a visit. 

What type of background check is being run?

Checkr runs a criminal background check based on the requirements of each state on any clinician that signs up for Axxess CARE. Items being checked include: 

  • Identity Verification 
  • Sex Offender Registry Check 
  • Global Watchlist Check 
  • National Criminal Records Check 
  • County Criminal Records Check 

The background check authorization is asking for my electronic signature. How do I find my electronic signature?

The electronic signature to authorize your background check is your first and last name as entered in the Basic Information section in the Axxess CARE app profile. 

Is it safe to enter my social security number?

Axxess CARE does not store your social security number, making it completely secure. Your social security number is only used when processing your background check. 

I entered the wrong social security number. How do I re-enter it?

If your information is incorrect, your background check will be unsuccessful, and you will be prompted to re-enter your social security number. Once entered, you will be unable to edit the number until prompted. 

How long does a background check take to run?

Background checks are completed between 24 and 48 hours. When your background check is complete, you will be prompted to complete your profile before applying for visits. 

It has been over 48 hours and my background check is still pending. What do I need to do?

If it has been over 48 hours and your background check has not been completed, Checkr may be waiting for additional information. Please check your email for further instructions from Checkr. 

I was notified my background check is complete but I still cannot apply for visits. What do I need to do?

Once your background check is successfully completed, you will need to complete your profile information. Select any visit and then tap on Complete Profile to enter your personal information. Here you will input your credentials, experience, competencies, languages, pay requirements, visit distance and your own personal bio. 

Will I be required to do a drug test?

Axxess CARE does not require a drug test to apply for visits. However, every organization may have their own requirements for visit assignments.