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Patient Chart Updates

The patient charts in Axxess Home Health now feature an updated design to give users a more seamless, user-friendly experience.

Patient Card Updates

The patient card at the top of each patient’s chart now includes the following updates:

Branch: The branch under which the patient is receiving services now appears above the patient’s photo. When hovering over a shortened branch name, the full branch name will appear.


Status: When hovering over the patient status for a discharged or non-admitted patient, users will now see the reason for discharge or non-admission. When hovering over the patient status for an active patient on hold, users will see the hold start date.


Primary and Secondary Contacts: Users can now easily identify the patient’s primary and secondary contacts and their respective contact numbers. This information generates from the contact information entered in the patient’s profile.


Patient Profile Button: The new Patient Profile button gives users quick access to a printable version of the patient’s profile.


Updated on 08/04/2021