PDGM Center Drill-Down

The PDGM Center provides detailed information that enables agencies to quickly analyze patient care, protect revenue and make necessary changes throughout episodes. Users can click on each tile in the PDGM Center to view the current list of patients that fall into that category. The PDGM Center is updated nightly to give you the most up-to-date insights.

To access the PDGM Center, hover over the PDGM tab and select PDGM Center from the drop-down menu.

View PDGM Center Patient List

At the top of the PDGM Center, the green View PDGM Center Patient List button directs users to the list of patients that meet each criteria.

PDGM Center Patient List

On the PDGM Center Patient List screen, click the blue Billing Center button in the top right corner to navigate directly to the Billing Center. Users must have permission to access the Billing Center to use this button.

Click Export to Excel to generate the PDGM Center Patient List in an Excel file for printing and/or saving as documentation.

The menus across the top of the screen enable users to filter data by agency, payment period, and/or patient name or MRN.

Click the arrows on any header to sort the patient list by the respective data.

Select a patient’s name in the Patient Name column to open the patient’s chart.

On the PDGM Center screen, click the number of patients on any tile to view details for patients in the respective category.

Clicking the number of patients on any tile will open the PDGM Center Patient List for patients in the selected category.

Click for an overview of the PDGM Center.