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Located along the top of the Axxess HomeCare screen is the Menu Bar.  Prior to discussing each menu title let’s go over basic functionality.  Hovering over a menu bar tab will present a drop-down list of the menu items contained within that menu category. Some menu items contain a sub-menu which will appear as an arrow next to the item.  An example of this is My Account under the Home tab. Clicking on a menu item will take you into that particular area of Axxess HomeCare.  More in-depth training on the menu items are provided in their specific training areas.


As we go through specific menus, you will notice several of the same items that we covered on the dashboard. This allows you to get to these pages from a number of places within Axxess HomeCare.




HomeWorking from left to right, the first menu is the Home tab. Under this tab, you will find:





With permissions, the Create tab allows you initiate many of the functional tasks your agency needs to perform to run a successful operation.




The View tab provides access to existing items in Axxess HomeCare.  Based on your permissions, you may have access to all or a portion of the list.






ClientsThis menu provides efficient access to a variety of client related information.  As in the other menu tabs discussed, depending on permissions granted, you may have partial to full access to the following items.




The Schedule tab contains:



Next in line is the Billing Menu. Users with billing permissions manage their agency billing and collections activities from this menu.




Following the Billing Menu is the Employees menu tab.



Moving to the right, users with Administrator permissions will see the Admin menu tab.  Options available below will be dependent on the exact permissions granted.


While most of the options under the sub-menu New replicate the items under the Create Menu, five additional items may be created from the submenu:



Just as the sub-menu Admin->New contains most of the features as Create, Admin->Lists looks similar to View->Lists. The additional features available under Admin->Lists are Adjustment Codes and Upload Types.



The last item under the Admin Menu is Manage Company Information.  This menu sets up the agency documents, payroll and other customizations.  It is vital that agency administration reviews and sets up per their agency.  The manage Company Information Guide will walk through the agency set up in greater detail.



Next is the Reports tab.  There are two categories under the Reports menu. The report center and completed reports.


The Report Center hosts a wide variety of reports organized under categories.  All reports are designed to assist agencies in operating their business in an efficient manner.



Reports that extract data from a variety of sources and thus take time to build will present a message that the user will be notified via Messages when the report has been created.  Once generated, the report is found in the Completed Reports menu.



At Axxess, one of our core features is our focus on you, our customer. The right hand side of the menu bar, contains the Help tab. Under this tab are many ways to obtain assistance to questions you may have in negotiating the many functions and features of Axxess HomeCare.