Mobile Orders

Axxess Palliative Care now enables users to schedule and send orders from the Axxess Palliative Care mobile application. By enabling users to manage orders at the point of care from a mobile device, this enhancement saves time and streamlines documentation processes.

Schedule an Order

To schedule an order, navigate to the Schedule tab and select Add Task.

Schedule tab ➜ Add Task

On the Add New Task screen, enter the patient’s name, date and payer, and select Order from the Task menu. Click Add to finish adding the order to your schedule.

Once the order has been added to your schedule, select it to begin entering the necessary information.

Expand the Order Information tab to enter the ordering provider, effective date and time.

Expand the Order Details tab to enter an order summary/title and select an order type.

When Medications, Supplies, DME or Labs is selected under Order Types, the system will navigate to the corresponding section of the patient’s chart where changes can be made and are automatically entered into the order.

When Referrals or Other is selected under Order Types, a text box will expand with the option to input a template.

For each order type you select, you can choose a recipient to receive that section of the order or select No Recipient – Do Not Send.

Once all the necessary information has been entered, click Complete to send the order to the ordering provider or Save to save the order and return later to complete it.

Updated on 10/12/2023