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Payroll CSV Export

This feature enables users to generate and export payroll data in CSV file format for downloading and sending to third-party vendors. Users can easily retrieve payroll data and streamline payroll processes using the Payroll CSV Export feature.

To Export a Payroll CSV File:

  • During the payroll process, agencies can generate payroll data by navigating to the Employees tab and selecting Payroll from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Payroll screen, select the desired parameters and click Refresh to generate the payroll report.
  • Click the Export to menu in the top right corner and select CSV from the drop-down menu.

The CSV file will export and be available for download.

Employees tab ➜ Payroll ➜ Select parameters and click Refresh ➜ Export to ➜ CSV

Updated on 12/03/2019