Orders Management


During this tutorial, we will familiarize ourselves with features of the Order Management Center.  This is where approved orders are processed to and from the physicians.


The Orders Management system is accessed through:


View -> Orders Management


Orders ManagementSub-menus within the Orders Management center are permission-based and may include the following:

  • Orders to Be Sent;
  • Orders Pending Signature;
  • Orders History
  • Orders Pending Co-Signature



Orders to be Sent

Key Parameters within the Orders to Be Sent:

  • Date Range: Defaults to last 60 days from the current date. The date range may be changed. To refresh the orders displaying select Generate.
  • Filter By: Defaults to Manual Orders.  (Electronic Orders is currently under development.)

Orders to be Sent


Once the order list is generated it may be sorted by any of the column headers (Order/Client/Type/Physician/Order Date).

Orders to be Sent


Printing and Marking the Orders as Sent:

  • Individual orders may be printed by selecting the printer icon in the far right column.
  • Multiple Orders may be printed using the Bulk Print Feature. Simply select the orders you wish to print then select Bulk Print.  The list of orders will be queued in the completed reports located under the Reports Menu.
  • Once the order/s are printed, the user updates the orders by selecting Mark as Sent.


Hint: if using bulk print simply minimize the page until you print the orders, then open the page and select Mark as sent.  All the orders selected for the bulk print will still be checked.

Orders to be Sent


Orders marked as sent to physician, move to the Orders Pending Signature submenu.  The order is also updated to a Sent to Physician status in the Client chart.


Excel Export:  This function allows the generated list to be exported to excel for further analysis.

Orders to be Sent



Orders Pending Signature

Now that we have sent the orders, let’s move to order follow-up and receiving once signed.


View -> Orders Management -> Orders Pending Signature


This menu is used to track outstanding orders and mark as received.  The default date range is 60 days back from the current date.  The date range refers to the Order Date, not the Sent Date which is important because most states require orders to be signed within 30 days of the order date, not the date sent.  Please check your state policies to ensure you are tracking orders against the correct timeframe.

Orders Pending Signature


The list may be sorted by any of the columns: Order/Client/Type/Physician/Order Date/Sent Date.

Orders Pending Signature


Receiving Orders:

  • Individual orders may be received by selecting Receive Order in the far right-hand column for the appropriate order.

Orders Pending Signature


  • Multiple orders may be updated by selecting all applicable and selecting Receive Orders at the bottom of the page.

Orders Pending Signature


Mark as Received The Receive Order button opens an entry box in which the Received Date and Physician Signature Date may be updated.




Order History

Once an order is marked as received it moves from the Pending Signature Screen to the Order History screen.  The order also updates to Returned w/Physician Signature in the Client chart.


View -> Orders Management -> Order History


The date range is consistent, defaulting to the past 60 days.  Again, this range may be expanded or shortened as desired.

  • Clicking on a column title will sort the list by that heading.

Order History


If order Sent Date, Received Date or Physician Signature Date was entered incorrectly the user may correct by selecting Edit in the Action column.

Order History


Upon selection, a window presents allowing the user to update one or all dates.




Orders Pending Co-Signature

View -> Orders Management -> Orders Pending Co-Signature


All orders for employees with permissions set to require co-signature on orders will appear in the this list.


The date range defaults to the past 14 days.  This date range may be expanded or shortened as desired.


  • Clicking on a column title will sort the list by that heading.


Both the Client Name and Type are links.


Client Name link navigates the user to the client center-client chart while the Type link opens the order for review and ability to cosign the note, return to the caregiver, download


This concludes the Orders Management tutorial. Please see other segments of the Clerical Function tutorials for additional information.