Intake, OASIS-C2, Patient Profile Updates

Patient Intake

Admission Periods


The ICD-10 Admission Diagnosis can be searched by entering text description (using ICD-10 text field) or the first few entries of the ICD-10 code (using the ICD-10 field).



Advance Directives for Discharged Patient


From Patient Charts, the Advance Directives can be modified and saved for discharged patients.


Report Center

New Facility Referral Source in Admission Report


In the Report Center, the Admission Report includes a new column, Facility Referral Source. The name of the facility that referred the patient, if entered, will be pulled and populated into this new column.



Patient Profile

Internal/Facility Referral Source


In the Patient Profile edit window, the Internal Referral Source and Facility Referral Source fields display the scroll lists in alphabetical order to increase ease of finding the correct source. In addition, the Select Option on the top of the scroll list can be selected if the user needs to deselect or remove an existing name.




Updated on 6/19/2018